Our Story

We are growth-focused and growth-hack to acclerate and drive scalable growth. We use data to ask questions, find answers to convert and optimize and create number-based strategies to lead you towards growth.

Tim Queen

Tim is a serial entrepreneur, digital marketing and growth hacking specialist.

He has vast experience in digital marketing and sales funnel strategies and worked with some of the best in the world of digital marketing space, helping them to develop digital products and managing entire product launch campaigns.

He saw the opportunity in the market and created the advanced lead generation quiz software QuizCampaign and is also the founder of the Growth Hacking Society.

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Clarice Lin

Clarice is a digital marketing specialist who coaches business owners to create successful online businesses.

Prior to founding BaselineLabs, she has worked at Fortune 500 companies and one of the best specialist media company in the world.

She has been following the digital landscape closely since 2010 and has immense experience in understanding audiences and deriving insights from data to guide marketing and business decisions.